The technology that exists for home entertainment today rivals that of a full-blown theater experience from just a few years ago, making now a great time to invest in your own home theater. However, with all of the gadgets out there, where do you start? Enter The Home Entertainment Catalog – we have you covered with features on everything from surround sound and digital cable to televisions and home audio. Wondering if you should go for the discounted plasma TV or the latest LCD TV? Read up on both and decide for yourself. Discover subwoofers and in-ceiling speakers for building an amazing sound system. Cruise our site and get all the answers you need to set up one of the best home theater systems around.

The Blu-ray player is the evolution of the DVD player and a must-have for any home theater enthusiast. Learn more.

Blu Ray Players


If you want a quality sound experience when listening to music or watching movies, you need quality speakers. There is a tremendous variety of speakers available for stereos or home theaters that range from the cheap to the out-of-this-world. Get the facts on speakers and take your home audio experience to a new level.

Video Cables

Many people think nothing of shelling out big bucks for an expensive high-definition TV and a Blu-ray disc player, but then skimp out on buying good quality video cables. You can't expect a theater-quality picture if your video cables aren't up to the job. Find out about video cables and improve your picture quality.

TV Brands

Get the skinny on the top TV brands on the market today. Find out which TV types each manufacturer specializes in, plus the quality of their workmanship, picture quality, price ranges and warranty information. Make sure the next brand you buy isn't a dud and get the inside scoop on the best TV brands around.

The liquid crystal display (or LCD) television has become the ideal TV to own. As the only technology that works well in both small and larger sizes, LCD TVs now dominate the market, while many plasma TV manufacturers have shut down their production. Learn about the advantages of LCD TV technology when considering your next TV purchase.


A TV stand is required to raise your screen high enough for maximum visibility. Find the right stand for your TV.

TV Stands

Mount your TV to the wall and picture the movie theater experience at home. Discover the benefits of wall mounts.

Wall Mounts